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One operator for all types of applications

  • Worldwide approval; complies with DIN 18650
  • Approved as an automatic door control system as a fire protection barrier
  • Can be used with fire protection profile systems such as, Jansen, Forster, Heroal, Schuco
  • Geronto technology – to enable barrier-free access
  • Energy-saving thanks to its low current ‘closed’ position

The operator system with 4 orientations:

au1 au1 au1 au1


that can be used anywhere


with reduced motion power

The ‘SAFE’

that also opens without power


that closes reliably in case of fire

Key Benefit:

  • Universal, powerful, programmable
Key Benefit:

  • Depending on the installation location, requires little to no additional sensors
  • Even elderly people are not afraid of using the door system
  • The convenient, slow moving operator inspires trust and confidence
Key Benefit:

  • No emergency power unit necessary
  • Opens using spring tension
  • The end stop can be integrated into the drive unit (no parts to stumble over on the floor)
Key Benefit:

  • Combines convenience and safety
  • Can be combined with a range of fire protection profile systems
Recommended use:

  • For doors where a more powerful opening operation is required
  • Optimised for the operation of large and heavy doors
  • Ideal when a high dynamic range is required
Recommended use:

  • For environments used by people with limited and slow reaction capabilities
Recommended use:

  • For the ventilation opening and smoke clearance of rooms in case of fire
  • For guiding people in the case of a power failure
Recommended use:

  • Anywhere where automatic fire and smoke protection barrier doors are required

Compact and powerful


Reliable, quiet operation can be customised



Opens in case of power failure


Reliable closing in case of fire