Invisibledoors Arriva Riser

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Invisibledoors® Arriva Riser – Outward opening flush cupboard system

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Description :
The Invisibledoors® Arriva Riser uses the same principle system as the standard Invisibledoors® Arriva. Cupboards are made to a bespoke size and can be 3 or 4 sided.

Application :
The Invisibledoors® Arriva Riser provides a solution to concealing riser doors and service cupboards – Invisibledoors® Riser.

Invisibledoors® is a solution to the longstanding problem of concealing doors while ensuring they remain durable and easy to fit. It’s an innovative door system for riser cupboards and service rooms that allows doors to be fitted flush with the wall.

Ideal for halls and stairways in apartments blocks, office blocks, hospitals, leisure centres, schools, colleges and any other environment where riser cupboards need to be made as
unobtrusive as possible.

System Features :

  • Visible or concealed hinges
  • Fire tested to FD30 and FD60
  • Acoustically tested
  • Touch latches and budget locks can be used
  • 3 or 4 sided frames