Invisibledoors Arriva

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Invisibledoors® Arriva – Outward opening flush door system

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Description :
The Invisibledoors® Arriva frame is a split type frame that clips together around the finished wall construction (such as stud and plasterboard). The side flanges are perforated and beaded, which are fixed through to secure the frame. The wall and jamb are then plastered or tape and jointed right up to the edge, concealing the frame and fixings.

Application :
Invisibledoors® Arriva is an outward opening doorset commonly used in residential and other high-end projects where aesthetics and versatility are key. The Arriva system is the most popular of the Invisibledoors® range due to its adaptability – it can be used in any situation required

System Features :

  • Visible or concealed hinges
  • Fire tested to FD30 and FD60
  • Acoustically tested
  • Standard locks and latches can be used