Invisibledoors Innova

Invisibledoors® Innova – Inward opening flush door system

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Description :
The Invisibledoors® Innova frame is a single wrap-around profile that caps the wall construction. The two side flanges are perforated and beaded which are fixed through to secure the frame. Once installed, you plaster up to the bead, concealing the frame. the door is double rebated and operates on a pivot, allowing the door to open in an unconventional way.

Application :
The Invisibledoors® Innova system is an inward-opening doorset. When you face the flush side, the door opens away from you. This is specifically designed for situations such as corridors and hallways
where you might require the door to open into the rooms.

System Features :

  • Concealed pivot hinge
  • Fire tested to FD30
  • Acoustically tested
  • Metal frame with timber door