Synergy Doors Environmental Commitment

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Our production facility has a genuine commitment to provide sustainable solutions. Our standards exceed many of the legislative regulations and licenses currently required.

This ongoing commitment aims to contribute towards a sustainable future for all.

Examples of this are detailed below:-

  • Chain of Custody certification
  • Softwoods, hardwoods, chipboards, MDF, plywood and door blanks purchased from suppliers covered by an approved accreditation scheme (e.g. FSC, PEFC, SFI, CSA, MTCC) many of whom hold Chain of Custody certification
  • Invested over £100k on an in-house automated wood burning stove & wood chipper – allowing waste materials to be recycled, reducing the carbon footprint and landfill waste by 95%. The wood burning stove also heats the factory thereby reducing the need to use other fuels
  • 90% of the finishing products are water based – investment in a water paint separator means wastewater from paint residue can be reused or disposed of safely